3DSHOP software factory is the cornerstone of the C4W CAD solutions. It brings you the best-of-breed 2D & 3D CAD technology for your most demanding software applications.

Solids, surfaces, polyhedron, finite elements, drawings or layouts…. our proprietary CAD Kernel allows you to handle multiple formats according to your requirements. Available as pre-packaged modules, the development factory is quickly customizable and affordable.

Thanks to 3DSHOP, your team focus on high added value activities, your core business, your products, to stay ahead of your competitors.

Your tailormade platform Simple and powerful

The best-of-breed 2D & 3D CAD technology

Solid modeling, surfaces, polyhedrons gathered in a single CAD Kernel

Customizable to meet your highest expectations at a fair price

Tailormade CAD applications for more flexibility, productivity and costs reduction

Dedicated support by experts to guide you toward success

From the idea to CAD software, C4W guides you in your project development.

Our solutions used in various field