The standard or individual impression tray is the starting point for any kind of indirect rehabilitation, removable partial or implant prostheses. Because each patient is different, the use of standardized impression trays is always a compromise between practical aspects, patient comfort and the prosthetic result.

True bridge between traditional dentistry and digital technologies, the individual impression tray allows a better quality of the impression and consequently the manufacturing of a prosthesis which adapts perfectly to the needs and characteristics of the patient.

The C4W CAD software combined with the 3D printing solutions for the design and production of customized impression tray brings all the advantages of a tailor-made solution to dental labs which still use from alginate material.


Easy and fast design process, step-by-step guided to be highly efficient and increase significantly the time savings.

Working on 2 simultaneous arches, multiple offset values, rims, supports and many additional options for a comprehensive solution.

Outstanding productivity thanks to the automation of design features and the previews of the result by user.

Intelligent positioning of the drills of the impression tray. Intuitive modifications for more flexibility and simplicity.

Grip handles available in an open STL library. Automatic positioning and orientation for grip and tag ID.

Productivity, Efficiency and Quality
all together in the same CAD solution