The new version of ORTH’UP is now available for download.

Always more efficient and smarter than ever, the ORTH’UP solution integrates a new management of stripping, printing of a cutting line and many other innovations.


ORTH’UP is an open and flexible solution software for the production of ortodontics clear aligners. It has been design to treat minor to severe malocclusions.

Automated teeth segmentation, 1 click perfect setup, automated base models production are some of the features which make ORTH’UP such a productive and easy to use solution.

The software includes a unique automatized staging of the teeth movements. This, in a way that allows you to adapt the aligner thickness and/or to block a tooth position at any step of the treatment and let you be able to meet your clinicals needs.

Your treatment plan in less than 15 minutes

Teeth segmentation and identification in a few minutes – Productive and time savings

Perfect Setup in one click, automated attachments positioning – Simplicity and efficiency

Treatment plan modifications after a few months (pression points, overcorrection…) – Innovation ORTH’UP

Automated base models production for the 3D printing – Labor costs decrease

ORTH’UP Clinic, Connected people. Independant software to communicate between the practitioners and dental laboratories

Keep your know-how !